Why Drugs?


Alexandro Lopez Guzman, Sports Editor

Ever since the school showed us that fentanyl video, I’ve been compelled to want to write a drug awareness article. Now, as I am writing this, I’m having second thoughts, will publishing this actually have any sort of impact? Or will it just go overlooked and be counted as another underperforming article written by me? During the time I spent debating about this, I saw drugs being used vastly more in our school grounds here at Santiago High School. Overwhelmed by entering a restroom during a passing period filled, clumped, crowded by people vaping and making plans to do it again, that became my reason. My reason for finishing this. With the assistance of some wonderful friends, I asked for their opinions on drug usage here in Santiago and overall questions regarding drugs in general. 


Why do you think people fall down the path of getting addicted to drugs?”

Reese (12) – “I think people fall down this path when they experience hardships, peer pressure, or they simply just want to try drugs out with their friends … However, because drugs contain addictive qualities, it’s not just a game between trying this or that, it’s a game between your life and the endless possibility of you becoming addicted and falling down an unfortunate path.” 

Janelle (11) – “I think that most people start using drugs because they feel empty and don’t know what else to do … drugs however don’t make them whole again but make them forget about their worries and feel euphoric which is why they get addicted … they long for that feeling no matter how long it lasts.”


Are the drug awareness videos our schools display us with, that are meant to educate us about the harm of abusing drugs actually work? “

Reese (12) – “I feel like some of these possibilities can be prevented especially when we are educated, like when the school made us watch the fentanyl video … videos like that make us students understand the impact that drugs have, that it’s not just us playing with our own lives, but it’s affecting everyone around us.”

Janelle (11) – “It’s different, for people who’ve used drugs, they’ll most likely already be aware of the dangers surrounding it and yet still choose to do it … However, if someone who was maybe just thinking about doing it for “fun” were to see the video, I would like to hope that it could stop them … Personally, when I watched that fentanyl video it opened my eyes and made me never want to put myself in that position … I can’t speak for everyone though but I would hope it’s the same for them.”


To the people who consistently abuse drugs, is there any hope for them?”

Savannah (12) – “I think there is still hope for them because it’s never too late for someone to change their habits … however it’s by no means an easy task but is possible with help and support from others.” 

Andrea (10) – “I think it completely depends on the type of person … Someone with a strong mind who actually wants to better themselves can accomplish the goal rather than someone who just says they will … remember, action speaks louder than words.”


“How often do you see people doing drugs in our school?” 

Ryan (11) – “It’s a regular sight … every time I use the restroom there are people lined up vaping in there.”

Vanessa (11) – “Well, to be honest, I don’t really see them being used on campus but certainly do see people trying to hide away their vapes.”


“Do you think our school does a great job of attempting to stop people from abusing drugs?”

Ryan (11) – “I feel like the school’s doing everything it can do to try and curb this issue but in reality, no matter what they do, it likely won’t be enough to prevent it … the school can try and keep educating students about the harmful effects of drugs and smoking but at the end of the day, I feel that there will always be students who seek out these sorts of life choices.”

Vanessa (11) – “I personally think that the school doesn’t really do much to stop … they try their hardest to keep people in our school to stop using drugs, but there’ll always be someone.”


Thank you to my friends that shared their opinions over drug use in Santiago and overall questions regarding drug usage in general. I hope in publishing this article that it has some significance and can change the lives or perspectives of many or at least some.