jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie review



Did Mappa adapt Jujustu Kaisen volume 0 well? Mappa did very well with this movie. The movie was roughly an hour and forty minutes and was released on March 18th,2022. The movie focused on a character who was introduced in the anime before but was pronounced dead. The movie takes place before the events in the anime and is basically a prequel on Jujutsu high. The main character of the movie is Yuta Okkotsu.

The story started off relatively nostalgic with Yuta being locked in a room being told he could die if he doesn’t go to a new school. The reason it was nostalgic? The main character of the anime, Yuji Itadori, was in a similar predicament. The two of them had special grade curses residing inside of them. Yuji has a curse called Sukuna who is referred to as “the king of curses”. Yuuta had a girl who he knew as a child as his curse. She was referred to as “the queen of curses”.

Gojo convinces what seems to be the council of the school to allow Yuta to be a part of Jujutsu high and for him to his teacher. The council agreed and allowed for Yuta to attend Jujutsu high however if he ever went rogue that Gojo would kill him. Once Yuta was introduced to his classmates he went on a mission with of them, Maki Zenin. The mission ended in Yuta completely manifesting his curse aka Rika who ended up killing the other curses while screaming things like “Don’t hurt yuta!”.

Yuta then trained for a couple of months before going on once again another mission. This mission was with another classmate of his, Toge Inumaki. He specialized in curse speech meaning whatever he said would happen. For example, “explode” would make the target blow up.

The mission was to check for curses in a shopping mall. The two had relatively ease until a curse appeared that was not supposed to be there. Toge could no longer use his cursed speech because his throat was injured and he had lost his cough medicine. They were also trapped inside. Yuta knew this so he distracted the curse while getting the medicine for Toge. Once he had the medicine he threw it to Toge who caught it, used it, and eliminated the curse.

It was explained shortly after that somebody had cast another veil over jujutsu high’s veil. It was revealed that the man was Suguru Geto. An old student of Jujutsu high and a classmate of Gojo. We were then introduced to Suguru who was inside a shrine acting as a god who would kill people’s curses for money. It wasn’t just for the money though, he was able to ingest the curses he killed and take their power. Suguru’s ideology was that all normal people, or as he called them “monkeys”, should be eradicated from the world and that society should primarily be sorcerer-dominated.

He visited Jujutsu High and gave a declaration of war, he told the people of Jujutsu High that his plan was called “night parade of a hundred demons”. While all the sorcerers went to fight these curses in Tokyo, Yuta and Maki were left alone at Jujutsu High. The two had a short talk about Maki’s past and why she was labeled as a failure. Turns out, even her sister was participating in the fight and she was not.


During the fight, Gojo received some information and he sent Panda and Toge back to Jujustu High because he had a bad feeling. He, however, could not assist them as he had to deal with “a foreigner”. The second they were teleported back to Jujutsu High they saw Maki on the ground bleeding and as they looked at the intruder, it was Suguru. They were infilled with rage and went on a rampage against Suguru, whilst Yuta was sitting in the classroom wondering why the ground was shaking. Deciding to find out, he left the classroom and he saw the terrifying scene of his beloved classmates and friends on the ground. “run” Toge told the boiling Yuta. He refused.

The battle between Yuta and Suguru started and the area was being blown to bits. Yuta’s first priority was to ensure the safety of his friends. He grabbed them and put them somewhere safe where he then started to heal them. While they healed, Rika got angry and was about to hurt Maki because she was jealous. Yuta was able to angrily convince Rika who then pleaded her sorriness. Resuming their fight, Yuta was enraged and was even able to copy Toge’s ability. Suguru was nothing but amused at Yuta’s ability, constantly smiling. At the same time, Gojo fought with the foreigner eventually beating him.

Suguru was talking throughout the fight talking about how humans came up with the idea even though Sorcerers already existed. Yuta just responded to these words of Suguru’s by saying “You think you’re a God? You sound like a kid!” and Suguru would just bounce back by saying “you’re missing the point”. After surprising Suguru, Yuta said he has to kill him in order for him to believe he has a reason to live. Suguru then readied his last attack and Yuta turned towards Rika “Thank you for protecting me all this time. Thank you for loving me. I just have one last favor.”

Throughout the movie, there were flashbacks as to who this Rika was. She was a person who Yuta met when he was a child inside of a hospital. The two became friends and we saw them play at a park with water balloons and such. Although they may have been kids a the time, Rika asked Yuta to marry her when they were older. Yuta of course agreed to this proposal. They put on rings to remind them of it when they were older, it was practically an engagement ring or a promise ring. Unfortunately, the marriage they wanted would be cut short. Rika was hit by a car right in front of the young Yuta. People ran onto the scene calling for an ambulance, nevertheless Yuta stood there. ‘you can’t die! you cant die!’ he thought to himself. This is how she became a curse. Yuta lived his life believing he cursed her and not the other way around.


“My future, my heart, my body…they’re all yours. We’ll be together forever. I love you, Rika. Let’s rest together.” The two then kissed and Rika screamed “YUTAAA!! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO…MUCH!!!”. Suguru answered this by calling Yuta a womanizer and Yuta called it “pure love”. Suguru responded to that statement with “then this is justice”.



Immediately after the explosion from the collision between Suguru and Yuta, we could see Suguru wandering in an alley missing an arm with burn marks on the right side of his face. Gojo found him in the alley and the two had a talk as if they were friends who were reuniting after a long time. Suguru gave his last words and…

Yuta woke up to being surrounded by his friends who thanked him for saving them. Yuta saw Rika in her curse form and nervously explained the situation to his friends. Thankfully, it turned out he didn’t have to die. Rika turned to her human form and from out of nowhere, their unrecognizable teacher appeared(he was not covering his eyes). It turned out that Yuta was actually a distant relative 0f Gojo.

It also turned out that Yuta’s previous worries were correct. Yuta was the one who cursed Rika.

“The curser severs the bond tying servant to master. If the cursed doesn’t desire punishment…then the curse breaks. Judging by the looks of things you already knew that.” Gojo explained.

Yuta started to cry and blamed himself as he held onto his head with both his hands. “yuta. Thank you” Rika told Yuta. “for giving me time. For letting me be by your side. I’ve been happier these past six years than when I was alive. Bye. Be well. And don’t come over too soon, okay?”. The two then happily said goodbye to each other while everybody stood by and watched the scene before them. Once she had passed, her body had turned into bubbles.

The bubbles not alarming were drifting upwards to the never-ending sky whilst in a tantalizing pattern.

Gojo then gave Yuta the I.D. card he had lost on the shopping mall mission. “My I.D.! you picked it up.” Yuta exclaimed. “no, not me. My best friend did. My one and only.” Gojo uttered.

The final shot was Yuta catching up to his friends who were telling him to hurry up. He grabbed onto the weapon strap that was wrapped over his shoulder. Lastly, it zoomed in on the ring upon his finger.