Harry’s House: The Build Up



Alyx Molina, Publicist

Harry Styles recently announced the release of his new album, “Harry’s House”, which will be released on May 20th of this year. Many fans found out about the release prior to Styles’ official release, due to a picture leaked by a Target worker, displaying the album, along with the “street date”, or release date, on the top of the screen.

For starters, Styles has made multiple references to returning home throughout each of his albums. For example, in his Self Titled album, his song, “Sweet Creature”, refers to Harry Styles returning home. Throughout this song, he sings, “You will bring me home” and “Wherever I go, you’ll bring me home”. This alone may not seem like it is significant, however, taking into consideration the fact that the idea of going home appears again in his most recent album, “Fine Line”, makes it seem more convincing. In this album, his song, “Canyon Moon” says, “I’m going, oh I’m going, I’m going, oh I’m going, I’m going, oh I’m going home”. Many of his fans are also bringing up the fact that he and the rest of One Direction had an album entitled, “Take Me Home”, however, I do not feel as though this was a hint to the release of this album, but rather, this album could be a sort of homage to his older self. This would also make sense, considering that his first single released for this album was entitled, “As it Was”, although there is no confirmation

that this album has any correlation to himself when he was in the band whatsoever.

Furthermore, during Styles’ “Harryween” portion of his Love on Tour, he had dressed up as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”. Although this may seem insignificant, one of Dorothy’s famous quotes is, “There’s no place like home”, which directly correlates to “Harry’s House” and seems more intentional than it does a coincidence. He had also dressed up like Pierrot the clown, which connects to Styles’ release date for “As It Was” being on April Fool’s day. These are two of the main factors that got Styles’ fans to turn their heads and dig deeper into finding out what other hints Styles had dropped throughout his tour.

Consistently throughout his shows, Styles has continuously screamed “Send me home!” into the crowd, which seems normal, however, it seems evident that this had a deeper significance to Styles, considering that he created other social media account with the username, @YouAreHome. On this account, Styles has been consistently posting pictures of opened doors, along with quotations that may have some correlation to song lyrics of upcoming songs, however, this has yet to be confirmed by Styles himself. There is also a website, youarehome.co, where a new door opens each day, although these are typically the same as those that Styles posts on his Instagram.

One of the major curveballs that were thrown our way was when Styles announced that he was extending the Love On Tour and taking a tour around the United Kingdom and other areas that he had yet to reach in the early stages of this tour. Initially, the seating was arranged over the idea of fruits, like “Cherry Pit” and “Watermelon Pit”, which suited “Fine Line”, considering that two of his songs were based around those fruits. Now, looking into the 2022 seating for Love On Tour, it is apparent that Styles moved away from the fruit-based seating sections into sections named after different parts of the home, like “Bedroom”, “Hallway”, and “Kitchen”, “Kitchen” being the one closest to the main stage. This has some correlation to another song on “Fine Line”, entitled “Sunflower, Vol. 6”, where Styles sings, “Kiss in the kitchen like it’s a dance floor”, which is extremely ironic considering that it will now be a dancefloor during these upcoming tour dates.

Even though there are probably so many more connections between Harry Styles’ previous tours and albums to his current album, there are simply far too many to touch base on all simultaneously. If all of this is true and Styles has genuinely thought out HS3 for this long, then he is truly an intellect and musical mastermind. Styles, himself, stated that “I think sometimes people maybe go back and find coincidences and think that I was dropping hints…I think they make me out to be smarter than I am. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t” during his most recent interview, which neither clarifies nor denies whether these coincidences were intentional.

In my opinion, I feel as though most of what Styles has put forth was not solely a coincidence. He is genuinely a lyrical genius, and I truly would not be surprised if he had planned all of this out as well. I can not wait to see what other parallels the rest of his fans and I can find as he continues to release more information about his upcoming tour, along with the remainder of his album on May 20th.