Mother makes bulletproof dress


Mitchell Turner, Staff Writer

Did you know that a mom made a bulletproof dress for her daughter? She was trying to protest against gun violence. The reason is that this is her daughter’s first year of school and she is scared of all of these strings of school shootings.
The mother who made a bulletproof dress for her daughter

In Texas, they practice lockdowns a lot because of all of the shootings so the students know what to do Cassie Arnold, an arts educator, and mom of three living in Texas tells Yahoo Life, lamenting that school shootings have become normalized. “She wasn’t fazed by it. She was just like, well, this is what we do.” And the lady that made the bulletproof vest states, “My daughter was in kindergarten last year and she knew that her place in ‘lockdown drills’ was by the toilet in the classroom bathroom, and that she had to wait till the administrators banged on the doors, and that she had to be quiet.”

This lady made the back too school dress out of kevlar, which is what bulletproof vests are made of. The dress is not completely bulletproof but close to it. “I was pregnant with my oldest when Sandy Hook happened,” Arnold, who tends to find inspiration for her work from a deeply personal place, explains of the 2012 Elementary school shooting that killed 27 people, including 20 children

There are two ways because 

of this dress, the first is to protest against gun violence. The second is to inform the public that the teacher bear to protect the students. In texas 70% of the teacher and vastly underpaid or on the verge of quitting. These school shootings are affecting the teaching staff just as much as it is affecting the students and the school in Texas.

In Texas, gun purchases have been happening more than in any other state. She adds, “We need to not live in fear, but start channeling that fear into action.” This is not an act to make everyone scared but this is an act to show everyone that gun violence is a real threat and it should be something we consider and really think about.