The Scandal of Jeffrery Dahmer


Mia Mercado, Writer

Jeffrey Dahmer this, Jeffrey Dahmer that. You can not escape his name or his past history. If you have been anywhere near TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter there is always a post, tweet, or video about him. But why is he being reintroduced into society? The reality is the new Netflix show called “Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story” created by Ryan Murphy explains it all.

This show has led the younger generation of kids to really learn what Dahmer did to his victims. Young adults and teenagers have been doing more research and watching documentaries to see who this serial killer truly was due to the show. But people are viewing this killer in very disturbing ways. He is now being fetishized and people are actually liking romantically for Jeffery Dahmer.

There have been so many videos on the platform TikTok that show proof that our generation is going downhill. It’s to the point where a killer who killed over 15 innocent victims in a very disturbing and gruesome way is being symbolized and praised. Many have referred to Dahmer as “cute and “boyfriend material”.


How is Evan Peters being affected?


When playing a serial killer you have to get just the right actor for the role. Especially for the character of the known and very real killer.

Fans agreed that Peter was perfect for the role due to his past acting roles also being killers. He played Dahmer perfectly, he had no sympathy or humanization for his character which are many things that actors have to go through.

In an interview, Peters revealed that when playing his Jeffery Dahmer, he did not want him to sympathize. He instead wanted people to view what was happening like an observer in his life. The creator himself did not people to see what was happening from Dahmer’s point of view.

Evans did an amazing job portraying this famous serial killer, But fans are taking this actor’s popularity the wrong way. Just because Jeffery Dahmer is being acted by Evan Peter they are now both being given the same romantic attention. They are not being viewed as different people, so both are being adored, romanticized, and loved.

How has TikTok affected the controversy 

TikTok has given the cannibalistic killer too much attention for what he really needs.

The social media platform that goes by the name of TikTok is giving Dahmer a lot of power over social media. There are now challenges and trends based on his being created. A new trend is named the “Jeffery Dahmer Challenge” which is where users show their reaction to them viewing gruesome crime scene pictures. Not only are there trends but hashtags that have given millions of views.

More and more hand-Dahmer-based content is being uploaded on the platform. For example, a user posted a video with an edited clip with the title “Jeffrey Dahmer real polaroids” and captioned it as “EDITED REPOST!! [Because] TikTok took down the unedited one with 130k views.” The video later gained a view count of 4,700,000 views.

The publicity and the adoration he is now receiving are actually sickening. Our generation is to a point where a cannibalistic serial killer is now getting attention. We need to do better and not let the generations before us follow in our footsteps.