Don’t “Puck” With L.A. Kings Hockey Fans


Ezra Vega, Staff Writer

Are celebrities and big CEOs taking over the world??? That’s what it feels like to many die-hard L.A. Kings Hockey fans. For 2 decades, the L.A. Kings, along with several other huge sports teams called Staples Center their home arena. The arena had so many historic moments, including both the Kings Stanley Cup championships over that span of time. It was an iconic place for so many star athletes. But what really brought the energy to this arena were the fanatics that came from all over to watch the games, especially season ticket holders. In this case, specifically L.A. Kings Fans, who are noticing a significant rise in tickets, to watch their boys play live, at home.

Ever since Crypto bought out what was formerly Staple Center, prices for season tickets to see hockey games have skyrocketed. Money has become so inflated, and the rich have significantly more power compared to the middle and lower class. Which can cause hockey fans to struggle when finding affordable prices and good seats for a game. 

If you tend to watch an L.A. Kings game from behind the glass, those days might soon be over. Tickets have become extremely pricey, and many, celebrities and big-time companies have now become more likely to take those front-row seats. It gives the bigger brands a power trip, rather than giving the fans who were so invested in the sport their chance to see the games up close and live in action.

LA Kings Hockey Game (HD) Front Row Staples Center Glass Seats - YouTubeThe name change from Staples Center to is beyond concerning and many athletes were saddened to hear the news. So many would consider it a true “staple” for L.A., and Southern California. But what is the reason, why the name changed? The entire situation has to do with money. Originally, Staples was LA Kings Beat Devils 6-1, Claim 1st Stanley Cup | WBUR Newssupposed to have a 20-year contract, owning the naming rights of the iconic building, before later agreeing to a lifetime deal. However, money speaks volumes in today’s society and further pushed for changing its name to Arena. The deal was so intense that it overpowered what was famously Staples Center Arena. The company’s reported $700 million dollar deal has been deemed to be one of the largest deals in U.S. venue naming rights history. This sparks many questions in my mind that are yet to be answered thoroughly.

Now something that is important to understand in the midst of the new hockey season, along with the ticket prices being increased, is that the massively priced deal places at the face of some of Southern California’s most important sports and live entertainment over the next 20 yearsWhat are the solutions to this problem? Should we get used to seeing big names, and famous faces behind the glass at this season’s games, and in future NHL seasons come? Not only the NHL but other huge events are held in these arenas. Time and inflation will only tell.