Should Teenagers Pick Their Own Classes?

Mariia Nazarenko, Staff Writer

Should teenagers decide what subjects they need and what they will be interested in studying?  Of course, this choice should be entrusted to teenagers themselves.  After all, in the end, it is up to them to decide who they will become in their future life and what sciences they may need.  And then, how does it turn out, parents choose a profession for their child, hire tutors for him in certain subjects, and force children to enter a particular university?  As a result, it turns out that the child has no soul for this science.  And if so, then no teachers will help.  Maybe the child will fulfill the desire of the parents, but then he will still try to rebuild his life the way he wants.  But time has already passed!  You need to re-learn, while peers have already achieved some success.  But it can turn out even worse if a person does not decide to start living his own life, but will fulfill his parental will.  Do you think there are a few unfortunate?  Not at all!

Teenagers themselves already understand what they want to learn and what they really need in life.  Many subjects are already outdated and do we really need to study them?  How about teaching children something interesting and something that will be useful to them in the future?  For example, mathematics is the same and History is not interesting to everyone.  I think one year of mathematics and history will be more than enough.  Everyone needs basic mathematics and history too, but do we really need to learn this?  How about teaching us not about the past but about the present?  Why not start educating teenagers about the modern world and what is happening now?  They live in this world and I think it will be more beneficial to study the current world, not the past.  I asked the students in our school what they would like to learn.  Their responses were quite interesting.

Umm..maybe how to socialize with people? Like nothing related to school but teaching us how to be successful in society- Kimmy Li

A new subject I would like our school to have is another language to learn like Arabic. – Mary G.

«I would like to have a sewing class- Emmeline G.

Our education system is undoubtedly extensive but still not perfect.  If we think critically, why can we only learn two new languages?  Spanish and French are not the most spoken languages ​​in the world.  How about Russian or Korean? This contributes to the development of the brain and teaches something really useful. 

In our school of verbosity, I think they will want to learn Korean because it will be interesting for them.  Russian is a very common language and I think it will only serve as a plus in any future career.  So why aren’t we taught how to be successful in the world?  We are told little about this.  When we finish school, we have no idea what awaits us and how we should be.  We cannot work 24/7 and constantly experience and learn only hard subjects.  I think there are many people who would like to have a cooking class or sewing.  It’s time for us to think about our education system and ask teenagers what they would like to study.  Teenagers by this age already know what they need and what not.