Language Arts and the Way it is Taught

Mariia Nazarenko, Staff Writer

We all know that language arts class is mandatory. Did you ever wonder why language arts is mandatory? Teenagers who read and write frequently throughout high school develop their ability to think and express themselves, which helps them prepare for job applications and interviews. College – High school students who plan to attend college need to have had considerable reading, writing, editing, speaking, and vocabulary experiences. It is very useful and prepares us for adult life. Even though the class itself is very handy, often times students do not really learn much in this class. You wonder why? Tenagrees do not pay attention to the things that are boring and not interesting to them. They like reading something engaging and exciting. Something they are going to be eager to learn. For example the story about Witch-Hunt: Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials, by Marc Aronson and Stephanie. Anderson. To me, this story was very dull to read and I know that most of the students did not enjoy it. The author has a complex style that is difficult to read and understand. In high school, teenagers start having the habit of laziness and they won’t do something that makes them bored or is hard for them to read. We all know that students go to the internet and find all the information there. It is important for students to read stories that are complex and have good vocabulary but it can be a more engaging story than the Witch Hunt.

It is not always the story that we are reading that makes students not like it. Teacher style of teaching also matters. I remember I had a teacher who always gave us a ton of homework. Our homework contained a worksheet that had around 50 questions to answer about a few paragraphs of the book that we read. For example, we read The Great Gatsby. The book was very interesting to read. The teacher gave us the worksheet that contained around 30 questions in them. It was exhausting and killed all the vibe to read the book and continue doing the work in general. I know how exhausting this was and how much time and struggle were put into the homework. This doesn’t make us eager to learn at all. It is a reverse option. Many of my classmates disliked the teacher for it. I don’t know why teachers think it is easier and better to make students answer all these useless questions than to talk and discuss them. It would be better if they gave us a small worksheet and talked with us and asked questions that we need to answer not on the paper but in class. I know a lot of teachers who only give work and seem to be afraid of having discussions in class.  Maybe it’s because they need to be certain that students did the reading – but there has to be a better way. This is not right. The style of teaching is also very important. In my senior year, I got a very good language teacher. She makes class interactive and pushes us to talk and express our opinion. I am personally a very shy person and hate to talk in class but she makes it easier and is much better than giving us a ton of things to do.

In conclusion, I want to say that language art class is a very useful class to have, but it would be much better to rethink the stories that our educational system makes us read and rethink the way how some of the teachers teach us. Teachers can kill the want to learn but also can spark it and make the experience in high school easier and more interesting. I hope that some of you going to agree with me and maybe even something is going to change for the better.