Reboots Never Live Up to the Original


Tina Ngo, Shark Story Editor and Publicist

A classic television show that everyone loves and binge-watches from time to time when they are craving drama and excitement. “Gossip Girl” has always been a fan favorite, but when people talk about the reboot, the saying, “It doesn’t live up to the original” rolls off the tongue. Especially with the new season coming out in early December, many people are questioning if it really will get any better. 

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The original had so many unique characters that never left the watcher’s mind. It was a never-ending drama that fulfilled people’s lives. However interesting the original “Gossip Girl” was, the reboot has dull main characters and none of the relationships bring a sense of excitement like the iconic Chuck and Blair did or if Serene and Dan were ever going to be endgame. Although they have the newfound social media and modern dating to their advantage, the old-school dating lifestyle brought so much serotonin to the heart and brain. The “Gossip Girl” reboot isn’t the same, especially in relationships. 

Each reboot is meant to live up to the original and this reboot is not living up to its standards. The original “Gossip Girl” had rich people being awful towards each other, fighting, people switching partners, beautiful characters, and so much enriching twists and turns those genuinely shocked people. This isn’t the case for the reboot. The characters are bland, the drama isn’t as fulfilling, and quite honestly, it was a shame to do a reboot on such a beloved classic. Gossip Girl: The Complete Series (DVD) : Blake Lively, Leighton  Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Mark Piznarski, Norman  Buckley, Patrick R. Norris: Movies & TV

The Gen-Z characters aren’t as engaging in catfights as the original used to be. It was a genuine surprise to many watchers and hardcore fans when they saw how hard the writers and producers tried for the newer characters to be more thoughtful and self-aware unlike how self-aware Serena Vanderwoodsen and Blair Waldorf were. But they were both equally smart and had devious moments when need be. 

It was just a cultural reset when the nation heard about the “Gossip Girl” reboot, but they were saddened by how it didn’t live up to the original. But then again, how can you ever live up to Blair and Chuck’s relationship, Serena and Nate’s lover’s quarrel, or even the potential incest that was Serena and Dan? “Gossip Girl” was and always will be a fan favorite, but sometimes originals are simply not meant to be duplicated. 

This should also be applied to such things as “Gilmore Girls” when it had the sequel but left off on a cliffhanger that will never be answered. There are so many shows that this same principle should be applied. If it is not meant to be executed properly in the same form as it was before. It should not be attempted at all. Disappointing reboots only cause saddened fans, expectations not to be met, and above all a waste of money. That time, energy, and money could be put into a new show or rather enhancing the next season. For now, all we can do is wait and see where the next season takes “Gossip Girl”, the reboot version.