The Future of the NBA

Alexandro Lopez Guzman, A&E Editor

With the 2022-23 NBA season in progress, we’ve witnessed some things that need to be brought attention too. Specifically, our rising stars. With retirement near for many future NBA Hall of Famer’s over this decade, we need to start thinking about, “who’s next”?


For starters, I want to talk about some franchises before we get into specific players. Of course the first team that pops to mind when we think about the future of franchises is the Oklahoma City Thunder with their abundance of draft picks waiting to be used via trades like the blockbuster Paul George one back in 2019, which by now, we can determine who the real winners of that trade where. The Oklahoma City Thunder own 38 draft picks over the next couple of years with 19 first rounders and 19 second rounders. With a current record of 11-17, and in the bottom 5 in the league, we can expect them to have a good shot at landing the number one odds, which without question, would be used to select generational talent in Victor Wembanyama. The Cavaliers, Celtics, Pelicans, and Grizzlies all deserve an honorable mention, as over the past 3 years, they’ve exploded the league now all ranking in the top 5 of the league with most of their teams being built around the draft and trades.


Secondly, lets talk about players, Jayson Tatutm, Ja Morant, Zion, Luka, and Shai. All these players have proven over the past 3 years that they can be something big in this league. Something extraordinary that will ensure the safety of the NBA for years to come. We see Zion come back from injury and as of late has been playing like a beast, slaying the paint avergaing 30 points+ over the past few games leaving the debate open if Morant ever really was better than Zion. Shai has surpassed expectations this season, and while he’s on a bad team that we knew would be easy to put points up, we’ve seen him have explosive games against contending teams proving that he can hang with the best of the best. Luka of course is probably the biggest hit out of this pool and his path can be said by many, “painted out”, because we’ve seen this before. Back in the 2000’s, LeBron’s whole reasoning to leave Cleveland for the first time was because they couldn’t win. The team’s staff did nothing to support him and this is now happening again with Luka and the Mavericks. In my opinion and many others, it’s only a matter of time before Luka leaves the franchise and joins up with another young talent to create a super team that will ensure him victory like LeBron choose. Tatum is once again showing us why he’s an MVP candidate and while I’m here talking about a Boston Celtic, I’d like to give credit to his Robin, Jalyen Brown. Both have showed up this year proving themselves as a top, if not the best duo pair in this league. Morant and the Grizzlies have showed to not be slowing down only trailing behind the Pelicans who hold the first seed by one game.


These talents and of course the ones to come over the next years through the draft ensure the safety of the leagues future with keeping its fans entertained. While we wont have the ability to witness LeBron’s, Curry’s, or Durant’s greatness for that much longer, what we can do right now, is appreciate their time here as they’re still killing it as of date and will be for a couple more years.


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