Episode 1: Family Ties


Alil Washington, Staff Writer

If you have not heard of Blake Westbrook(10), you should’ve heard of him by now. He is heavily influenced by his 5 older sisters who starred in the hit reality television show “ The Westbrooks”. The motivation he gained amongst 5 of his sisters came along with his clothing brand line “ bla.kreations” and his own personal Youtube channel about himself. Within his youtube channel, he breaks down a day in his life of what he does, and the optimistic goals he wants to achieve.

Living in Corona, CA for the majority of his life, he still intends to live in California when he is older. He has also fallen in love with LA “ Growing up I definitely always wanted to live in LA. I always loved being out there, the scenery/the environment. I love how it changes me, and the places I’ve been.” While also being one of the youngest among his 5 sisters he mostly gets approached by people from his school asking about them. Westbrook mentioned “ People come up to me and be like “Hey is this your sister”… It’s been going on since freshman year, I get questions and comments from people.” Not all those comments he gets are positive “Yeah I get hate comments too sometimes”. Within him dealing with all the criticism and unbias opinions being told to him about his sisters doesn’t let it get in the way of his pursuable career path. 

One of the various reasons he was inspired to start his own clothing line is that he started to like fashion at a very young age. His mother has spoken about him and fashion “ I think he started into fashion and liked clothes and all that from his sister India.”

Another thing that Blake Westbrook has going for himself is to be uncommon among common people. He implied that “ I feel like I stand out in a way because I don’t move the same as other people. I like to be productive and get stuff done. I know how to flip the switch and get going and put my business face on.” Alongside his older sister India giving him the push to create bla. kreations, he also had Adonis (9) and Taisen (10) to create a sufficient bond with them. Adonis (9): “ Blake kind of reached out to me and took me away from the middle school environment. And brought me to the high school environment and we kind of just started to hang out a lot. I see it in him. Like he got it in him. He got the looks, the style, and the popularity. He is just cool like that.”  Taisen (10): “He always pushed me to do stuff that I was always scared of. He is definitely motivational. He knows what he wants to do and he is wise.”  Having a bond with these two guys will definitely send them and including himself extensive ways in life.

Another ambitious goal he has coming along with bla.kreations, is purchasing a Dodge Scat Pack. What sets the purpose for him to obtain this type of car is: “My style is more muscle. I like the aggressiveness. The more mean/aggressive type of car. The spit flames type of cars. The loud engines/pop cars.” The 2017 Scat Pack he wants comes in the color orange, but yet he still wants to add plenty more modifications to it. “ I would want to change the front, you know how like new Dodge’s have the thing right here. I would want that one. I would change the hood. I want a different hood, probably a hellcat hood. Also, a lip under it. Then, I would also want to change the steering while in this to carbon fiber.”  With all these modifications to his car, it will definitely be the new word around town. Willing to know that his car will gain a lot of attraction from whoever comes across it.

Now with everything to be accounted for in Episode 1 of the series “ The Come up”. It is now time for more creations to be published within the bla.kreations and family bonds to be accelerated at the dinner table in Episode 2 of this series.