Meet our Comic Illustrator: Dominic Klemczak


Breanne Soto, Staff Writer

Meet our comic Illustrator: Dominic Klemczak!


This year, we added someone new to our team! Meet Dominic Klemczak, our comic Illustrator. He is a freshman and currently has 14 comics on our newspaper. I asked him some questions to get to know him. 


Tell us about yourself!

I’m Dominic and I was born in Florida. I moved to Colorado when I was around 6 and moved to Corona in middle school. I’m 14 now and I like to code video games!

When did you start drawing comics?

I started drawing comics around sixth grade. I started reading Calvin and Hobbs, and Peanuts. Before, I wanted to draw in general, but after I started reading comics, I knew I wanted to do comics.


Who were your inspirations?

Bill Waterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Garry Larson, and Charles Schulz. I liked their art styles a lot. It wasn’t kind of a normal cartoon. They didn’t have the big eyes and stuff you know. I liked how they have their own mini-story every day. 

What were your favorite cartoons to watch as a kid?
I watched a lot of Loud House, I don’t really remember watching a lot of other cartoons honestly. I usually now watch Beavis and Butthead. 


Any plans for the future?

I plan on having my cartoons on either the New York Times or the LA Times.

Anything else you would like us to know?

My Instagram is @mrcomicdom ! I post every Thursday on the Shark Attack!