A Word From Mr. San Angelo


Ezra Vega, Staff Writer

We all know him from the sound of his voice, which can be heard from across the halls. Mr. San Angelo, better known as Coach Rock, has been an inspiration to many seniors whether you are one of his students or not. If you have him as a teacher, you know that teaching is not just his job, it is his passion and goal to make a difference in the lives of his students. However, this year has been a rollercoaster of events for Coach Rock, as what started as some pain in his neck, turned into something much worse than all of us could have imagined. From students, and teachers to long-term subs, none of us can bare to believe in the possibility of Mr. San Angelo not being able to return to his classroom for the rest of the school year.

In an interview over the phone with Coach Rock, and in San Angelo fashion, nothing will stand in his way, as doctors examined him and drew blood while we spoke. He first wants his students to know that he misses them, and misses being in class, and he wants everyone to stay on task, “You know how I am about staying on task.” he said confidently.

“I’ve had 2 throat operations, they fused three vertebrates and messed up my vocal cords. They found cancer on my thyroid 5 weeks later, so that’s what I’m going through right now.”

I asked Coach if he would be expecting to return to work which he replied, “Yeah! I hope so, yes! I’m actually anticipating it, I can’t wait to come back to work.

We jokingly talked about his wall of $5 bills from bets with students he won. And to that I have to say – I should never have bet that I would get the highest score on a test, which resulted in my name on a $5 bill that reads “Ezra the Cheater.” You live and you learn, I guess! Not only have I been a victim of the $5 wall, but so have many other high-achieving students. For example, one of our exemplary student-athletes, Coach Rock never failed to remind us of his missing contribution to the wall. Interactions like these are a prime example of why teachers like Mr. San Angelo make a big impact on students on the Santiago campus.

Next, it was my pleasure to see if there was anything his students could do for him during this time. To that, he had to say “The kids that have been emailing and texting me and all that, it kinda makes me feel good.”

“I wanted to tell you guys, I never had someone make a difference, so that’s why I try to establish relationships with you guys, it’s just my quirky way of connecting with you guys. I don’t just teach you guys, I give life lessons, and hopefully, I can get back and finish this semester but everything is up in the air.” I must say, we hope so too!

“Is the classroom clean, is Lacayo keeping it clean or do I have to jump on him” was the last thing Coach Rock had to say before we wrapped up our phone call. “I have not misplaced anything, not one time Coach!” said Mr. Lacayo

Regarding pain, Mr. San Angelo says his pain on a scale of 1-10 was at a 4, which tells us that he is headed in the right direction, and the doctors and nurses have him in good hands! We hope to see you soon Coach Rock! Keep on pushing through this!