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Making History
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Should Santiago Advertise More Sports?
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Is this the end of Tunnel Girl?
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New year, new goals, new expectations. Twelve grapes under the table, a wish for each month. Fireworks, to enter the year with a bang. A kiss at midnight guarantees that’s your lifelong love. They carried empty suitcases around the block to ring in a year of travel. Watching the ball drop. Most people, cultures, or maybe even religions have their traditions for New Year. However, the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions, or goals, is a worldwide practice. Let’s dive deep into the minds of Santiago’s staff and students. What are their new year, new me, goals? 


Staff’s 2024 Goals/Resolutions

“It always starts with health, you know, ensuring that I continue to care for my health. I’m getting married, you know, in June, so I want to make sure that I look awesome in my suit. So, losing weight, and then to continue to, to get up and work out and, and then make sure that I’m healthy enough to be able to run my school and, and make sure to keep the safe for the students safe at Santiago High School,” Dr. Torres, Principal.

“Collect memories, not things,” Mrs. Lovejoy said.

“My 2024 goal for the year is to work on my overall health, body, spirit, and mind,” Ms. Shields said.

“My 2024 goals and resolutions: going to try to eat better this year, going to try to be more efficient in my work so I have more time at home when I’m not working, and I’m going to read more,” Mrs. Espinosa said. 

“Less sugar, it’s horrible, everything has sugar in it, sugar cereal, I have mochas, I like coffee, so yeah, less sugar,” Mr. Brown said.

“I know myself, so I don’t make resolutions anymore. I have plans for myself; I’d like to cook more, take better care of myself, and have better nutritional value in my eating to improve my health. Also, exercise, read, and destress more,” Mrs. Smith.

Student’s 2024 Goals/Resolutions


“I want to improve at the flute and learn to play the piano,” says Caylee (9).


“Do good in sports, eat better, get all A’s” (9).


“Don’t get back with my ex,” Gianna (9).


“Get good grades and visit my out-of-city friends more,” Gracyn (9).


“My goal for 2024 is to be more consistent with my work and more productive this year,” Roha (9) said.


“Get a man,” Omeesha (9).


“To be more extroverted and focus on my studies,” Dakshaayani (9).


“My goal for 2024 is to become a better person and focus on my academics,” said Inaaya (9).


“Work out more, get better grades, and be the best version of myself” Ireland (9).


“To be a great student, to stop procrastinating, and be good in my sports,” Kadence (9).


“My goals for 2024 are to end with a 4.5 GPA, to make an academic comeback, and to focus more on self-care and put myself before others,” said Amber Nemat (9).


“To be happy,” Richard (9).


“To do me, put more faith in God, and let all the good things come to me,” Sophia (9).


“To get all A’s and finish my work fast, not procrastinate,” Sahmaya (9)


“I hope to improve the [basketball] team and bring whatever talents I can to make playoffs,” Jacob Archuleta (10).


“I hope to improve, me, myself, you know, and of course the [basketball] team we’re trying to win,” Shan Shah (10).




“2024the2mans,” Kadence (9).


“2024thePlot,” Amber Nemat (9).


“2024… 4… 4 + 4 is 8.. 8 x 2 is 16.. but like 16 + 4 is 20.. 2024. I’m so smart,” Richard (9).


“2024thePlot,” Sophia (9).


“2024.0gpa,” Inaaya (9).


“2024myPeace,” Roha (9).


“2024aRelationship,” Dakshaayani (9).


“2024aMan,” Omeesha (9).


“2024thelively,” Gracyn (9).

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Rabia Siddiqui, Staff Writer
Rabia Siddiqui (9) is a current Freshman at Santiago High School, where her favorite subjects are lang arts, French, and journalism. She has always had a passion for writing, and as a Gilmore Girls fanatic, unquestionably, desired to join Journalism. Reading has forever been something she adores as it allows her to listen to people voice their opinions and tell stories. Reading news she finds interesting piqued her interest in topics she wouldn’t normally consider worthwhile, which inspired her to do the same. Rabia enjoys listening to music, baking, and playing basketball. She also enjoys art, as it is passed down to her by her mom. She aspires to attend Yale, NYU, or UCLA. She wants to be a doctor and minor in Journalism, as she has always had a passion for assisting those in need, speaking up for herself, and for those unable to speak up for themselves.
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