7.8 New Zealand Earthquake


Ella Mago, Staff Writer

November 13, 2016 a devastating 7.8 earthquake stuck New Zealand, causing extreme damage to many homes, railroads, hillsides, and buildings. The earthquake had a depth of 15 kilometers, and it stuck near Hamner Springs and Kaikoura. It destroyed many farm homesteads, and led to the cutting of many transportation links. The earthquake’s aftershocks proceeded to rattle the region causing the the town, Kaikoura, to be cut off by great landslips. Due to the numerous amount of aftershocks, there was another powerful 5.4 earthquake that struck in Wellington. So far, there have been an estimated 400 out of 1,200 tourists stranded in Kaikoura that have been rescued.

Laura Taylor, a nurse from Sheffield, told stated that “…the tide had gone back and the ground was cracking,so we obviously all went into panic.”  Taylor began to help the injured after the earthquake. Many civilians in hospitals were petrified. Officers assisting patients and workers from the hospitals stated that the hospital “…was a free for all, it was chaotic. We were petrified, but it was nice to know that we were able to help those injured.” Since aftershocks continued to rattle parts of New Zealand, emergency services were being called to the streets and towns in Wellington. Four defense force helicopters flew into Wellington on Tuesday and two Navy vessels continue to provide aide through supplies and evacuation.

New Zealand is currently being aided by the armed forces, who are helping with recovery efforts.