Ancient Shipwrecks Discovered in Black Sea


Madison Castello, Staff Writer

A new discovery has been made by scientists and sailors in the Black Sea, which got its name for being difficult to navigate.  More than 40 ancient shipwrecks were found in almost complete form in the sea’s icy depths. Scientists believe that this is due to the lack of oxygen in the vessels’ area. The low oxygen levels prevented the timber from decaying and sea creatures from feasting on the brilliant novelty. The crew of scientists and sailors made this great discovery by using remotely operated vehicles, otherwise known as ROVs. The robots took many detailed pictures and scientists were able to study and analyze them.

Experts believe that these ships come from the 13th or 14th century. Many other shipwrecks have been found from this time period, but none in such great form. The shipwrecks found in the Black Sea are in surprisingly good shape, for sitting in the ocean for thousands of years. Most of the ships appear to have been merchant trading vessels. The Black Sea was a large trading route for grain, wine, furs, oils, cloths, and more. Scientists believe these shipwrecks will aid to their understanding of old trade routes.

Experts also hope that they items inside the ships will still be intact. If the ships themselves are in such good shape, the matter inside the vessels may be preserved. Scientists believe this discovery will lead to loads of information about the ships, their time period, and old trade routes on the Black Sea.

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