Zika Virus


Madison Castello, Staff Writer

Although the Zika panic has died down, it is still a threat throughout the world. Studies show that pregnant women are at the highest risk. If the mother becomes infected with the virus, it may affect her baby as well. It can cause brain damage for the child or defection of limbs. Specialists warn women who are pregnant to avoid areas where Zika is spreading. If this is not possible, doctors say to wear mosquito repellent, long sleeves, and pants.

To all others, the virus is not as dangerous. The symptoms include headaches, tiredness, fever, and rashes. It may be fairly harmless yet there is a chance of Guillain-Barre syndrome. This causes temporary paralysis. A man in Puerto Rico died in August because of this. Many other cases have been reported. It may be less dangerous to you, but it could be transmitted to a pregnant woman and her child.  If a mosquito bites you and it contains the virus, it may pass it on to any other bug that bites you. This will spread the virus and put pregnant women at a higher risk.

The Zika virus has popped up in many countries and US states and territories. New York, Florida, and California are the states with the most cases. Doctors suggest that people protect themselves while traveling to places where the virus has been reported. Although the virus only majorly affects pregnant women, it is good to be aware so we can help everyone.

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