The Latest Drone Technology

Madison Castello, Staff Writer

Drones may seem amazing and a perfect example of improving technology but are they really as great as we think they are? Drones can be used for agriculture, the military, hospitals, and even UPS. Are they going to take over the world? Hmm, maybe not. As time progresses, we are noticing more and more problems with these seemingly perfect pieces of technology. Drone deliveries are taking longer than expected, drones are getting in the way of planes coming into airports, and they have interfered with helicopters trying to help put out blazing fires. Although they may seem inconvenient for emergencies and medics, they are great for delivery.

UPS or United Postal Services has been testing drone delivery services for a while but they say it will take many years for groceries to be delivered regularly. This may be a great idea but there are some delays. First, drones must be charged around every 30 minutes and they take about 20 minutes to charge depending on what type of drone is used. Drones cost quite a bit for a nicer, fancier one. Bed Bath & Beyond has small drones for as little as $30 but they can price higher than $999 with the latest ones. These are just a few of the problems companies like UPS is facing with their new delivery services, while customers worry about their packages being damaged or stolen.

Drones are also causing problems with other types of aircraft such as planes and helicopters. Firefighters flying overhead during the San Gabriel fire were having trouble giving aid due to many drones in the area. There have been a few fires near Little Rock Arkansas as well and those firefighters have been dealing with drone problems too. Drones have had several near collisions with airplanes leaving or returning to airports. Bard College said, “there were 327 incidents of drones flying too close to piloted aircraft from December 2013 through September 2015” That’s just a few years for there to have been so many near accidents. Although drones are not taking over the world, we still need to be careful to prevent future accidents.

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