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Laci Avne

Laci Avne, Staff Writer

Laci Avne (12) is a current Senior at Santiago High School and it’s her first year as a part of the Shark Attack team! She is a very passionate person, and has always strived to explain her opinions and thoughts to those around her. She has been an avid reader since first grade, and enjoys language arts classes. Laci took AP Language and Composition, and is currently taking AP Literature to further her reading, writing, and analysis skills. Laci values kindness and compassion. When not focusing on school, she works as a hostess at a small restaurant. She is good at welcoming people with a smile on her face, to ensure they have a good experience. Creativity is key to Laci. She dreams of working behind the scenes in movies and TV shows. 

You may reach her at [email protected] 

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Laci Avne