Capitol Riots: Still going on?


Ava DeMello, Staff Writer

Several months ago, Washington D.C., at the Capitol, had huge riots break out and many vandalized the monument. As these months have gone by, investigations didn’t stop. Every day, the FBI is looking into the capitol riots and the arrests involved with them. 

As of after the riots, approximately 125 people were arrested, but they were all very “simple” as The New York Times says. The majority of people arrested did turn themselves in or were turned in by family and friends. There haven’t really been any difficulties with the imprisoned people. However, the longer people wait to turn themselves in, the longer their sentence will be. They can get up to 20 years. The FBI suspects there is a group who “pre-planned” this attack and meant for it to have reached the chaos it did. New York Times also says, “a reward of up to $75,000 for information about anyone linked to devices believed to be pipe bombs that were planted at the headquarters of the Republican and Democrat National Committees.” The FBI thinks this is just the beginning to attacks on our country. They believe other stops and riots will be formed at different places. 

A conspiracy on why the riots broke out was because the House and the Senate were meeting to confirm Biden’s electoral college victory at the capitol. Rioters were trying to overthrow the proceedings. More than 300 people were charged in connection to the riot, which forced Congress to stop with the votes for Biden and five people even died.

As for President Trump, he was the last to speak to his speakers before the riot began. He says repeatedly that the election was stolen. He later says, “And we fight. And if you don’t fight, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” This made the angry crowd go to the Capitol steps and fight with the police. This riot later led to President Trump being impeached for the second time. He is the only president to ever be impeached twice in their term. Trump’s persuading speeches disrupted the transfer of power to Biden, which has been said to be the most serious constitutional crime ever committed by a president. Another big factor in the riots is Frederico Klein, one of former President Trump’s appointees, who had a connection to the riots. The Hill says, Klein is facing six charges over his role in the riot, including assault, resisting or impeding certain weapons and violent and disorderly conduct on Capitol Grounds, according to court records.” 

As a result of the riots, and after all of the damages to the Capitol building, it will cost them $30 million and it will continue to rise. Also following the event, thousands of accounts that led to violence at the Capitol have been suspended on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Twitter banned over 70,000 accounts and removed all posts saying, “Stop the steal.” 

Protests have been a way for people to let their voices be heard and their beliefs come out. However, the way our people have taken some protests, like this one, have been dangerous and inappropriate. We need to keep our protests peaceful, or more people could die from them.


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