Reality Shifting

Reality Shifting

Magdalena Reutzel, Staff Writer

Whether you heard about it from TikTok, read an article about it, or had a friend mention it to you in passing, reality shifting has become a large part of teenage culture. Reality shifting is the process of shifting your subconscious into an alternate reality. This reality can be anything that you wish it to be, although a lot of people choose to go into a well-known universe, like Harry Potter. In this article I will be teaching you a bit more about reality shifting, and how to make this shift easier.

When you reality shift, you move your subconscious from your current reality (your CR) to your desired reality (your DR). In your desired reality, there is another version of your, your desired self, if you will. You take over the mind of your desired self, while the subconscious of your desired self goes into the body of your current self, essentially creating a ‘clone’ of yourself. In your DR you are able to hang out with your favorite characters and get away from the stress of your current reality. Reality shifting comes in many forms and may even be scripted out in these different ways.

There are many methods used for reality shifting. There are sleeping methods that happen while you are asleep. There are also waking methods, in which you shift while still awake, often during meditation. Two of the most common methods recommended are The Raven Method, and the Alice in Wonderland method. Both of these are sleeping methods. The Raven method has you lay down in a starfish method and count to 100, repeating positive affirmations (such as “I am shifting” or “I have shifted”) either every count or every ten counts. The Alice in Wonderland Method has you sitting, waiting for a character from your DR run past you. When you follow them you will fall down a hole that will lead to a door that will either lead you into your waiting room (a room you go into before entering your DR) or your DR.

I have tried both of these methods. During the Raven Method, I was very uncomfortable and wasn’t able to fall asleep. The Alice in Wonderland method has worked a bit better, although I have still yet to fully shift. Different methods work for different people, however, and I am in no way an expert. I encourage you to do your own research about shifting methods.

It should be made known that reality shifting is completely safe. You are in full control of your own subconscious and anyone who might try to tell you otherwise is trying to scare you. It takes time and patience to shift, but if you believe and want it to happen then you should be able to shift. Your ‘clone’ which will be in your body when you shift will do whatever it is that you wish for it to do, some people even script for it to clean their rooms or workout for them.

Speaking of scripts, although it is not required, many people will write a script to help them visualize and control their DR a bit more. Scripts can provide as little, or as much detail as one wishes (I am a writer, so I love mine to be detailed. I currently have an 87-page script that isn’t finished.) I highly recommend scripting, it helps keep your ideas in order and it is fun to do. If you wish to see a script template, here is mine. When I create my script I love to use Pinterest to find pictures.

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