How does the Shark Attack Publish an Article?


Christopher Oliver, Staff Writer

There is a very unique process that goes on into constructing an article. Multiple factors need to all coincide with each other, and that eventually leads to a piece being published for the reader to enjoy. Here in the Shark Attack, we make sure that all of our articles go through this process before they are published:

Creativity is a key part of coming up with an article idea

1: Article Approval

All of our articles commence on the Article Board. When a student has an idea for an article, they go to a Google Document titled the Article board, where we can write our ideas and wait for them to be approved by our teacher Mrs. Larson. It’s a fairly simple process, and each category (News, Shark Story, Op/Ed, etc.) can be found on the Article board. The Article board also contains the requirements the staff writers have to complete in order to consider their article “done’. Such factors include Hyperlinks, Attributions, if the Article was Approved and if we have images.  When a student does not have any ideas, there is a place where all of the Staff Writers can post ideas for others to use, that way writers always have options to write from.

2: Article Creation and Submission

Once an article has been approved, it’s up to the writer to complete it.  Each article must be held up to the Shark Attacks standards. This means the article writer must put in the effort and research needed to write about the topic they choose. No news sources are banned, so long as the writer knows the information is trustworthy. When an article has been completed, the writer of the article will head back to the article board, where they will checkmark each of the requirements and mark the article as ready to be edited. The writers are not allowed to publish their own articles, as there is much to be done once they have completed their part 

3: Editing Process

Now begins the editing process. Since the article board separates the different article topics, it makes it easier for the editors to see which articles need to be edited and which are still in production. Each article is checked for grammar, authenticity and of course, if the information stated is correct. Each article has a minimum requirement of 500 words or more, with no limit on how long the article can be, however, it is recommended that the article be brief for reader convenience. Once the article has been edited by its specific editor, (OP editor or AE editor, etc.)the article is then viewed by the Editor in Cheif. After the Editor in Cheif makes their changes to the article, it is sent to Mrs. Larson our teacher, for the final check. Once that final check has been completed, the article is then published!

4: Presentation

Finally, once published, the article is presented in its designated section, whether that be OP/ED or AE or whatever topic the article was. Newer articles are shown first in the categories, that way readers can read the latest and greatest of the Shark Attack. Trending stories are always presented in the right corner, so viewers can see exactly what people are interested in reading.

It is difficult to keep coming up with ideas for articles, so to help ease the writer’s creative minds, there is a section in the Shark Attack where readers like you can submit an article, and make our jobs just a little easier. No matter what the article’s idea is we will make sure that we keep it in consideration, and it may even show up in our categories someday!