Interviewing Santiago’s BSU advisor, Mrs.Knight

Imari McGhee, Staff writer

Bsu stands for Black Student Union. It is about bringing African Americans and other ethnicities closer together. To make it feel like a safe space to vent and to support one another. Not a place of judgment upon anyone@facebook. Not to cast anyone out just because of the color of their skin, nor what they may believe in, and that is exactly what being a part of BSU represents. That is why I felt an urge to interview the BSU advisor, Mrs.Knight to get her to take on what BSU means to her by asking a few questions. 

What would you say makes BSU an important club to invest your time in?

“Yes, because it provides a place to students to socialize and share common experiences without the pressure of being judged.”

What called you to become the advisor for BSU?

 “I noticed black students were not represented in campus activities, classes, or organizations such as Cheer, Dance, ASB, Honors classes, AP classes, high school dances, etc.,. I wanted to teach them about their ancestry of excellence and to remind them they are a part of the Santiago community. The goal is to disband exclusion on campus through education, inclusion, and action.”

In your opinion, what would you say makes BSU a safe community for others?

“BSU welcomes anyone interested in learning about history, black culture, black issues, and empowerment.”

How long have you been associated with this organization and how long do you see yourself obtaining your position as advisor of BSU?

“I was in BSU in high school and I was an officer in ASA(African Student Alliance-UCR). I also started a club called Imhotep (Black students in science and engineering (UCR). I plan to continue to advise BSU as long as possible.”

What would you say to others who are thinking about joining this club but are still unsure?

“BSU has an open door policy.”

Hopefully, after reading the answers Mrs. Knight gave to me, you too will think about joining BSU. Together we are stronger!