Dear Savannah

Savannah Sannes, Editor In Chief

The class of 2022’s senior year is coming to an end, and we have learned a lot throughout our 12 or so years of school. Here is what I have learned and what I would tell myself throughout those years.

Dear elementary school Savannah,

 You will make friends with a lot of people that will come in and out of your life. These friends will give you lessons, like that it is okay not to fit in, and true friends will have your back. Listen to your teachers… except one, you know what teacher I am talking about. I still think she did not like me to this day. Make the relationships with your teachers, they will be so kind and helpful to you.  Let dad help you with math instead of your brother, he will learn his patience with you later down the road. You are strong, and you will have some harder times but you will get through them like you always do. Lastly, keep loving your parents. I know it sounds like an obvious one, but they will cherish the time you had with them and remember that you didn’t shoo them away like the other kids used to. 


Dear middle school Savannah,

This period in your life will be hard. I am sorry you had to go through the things you did. A lot of things will happen that will show you who your real friends are. Kids are judgy, don’t let them get to you. Even though you think you are growing up and basically “an adult”, you aren’t one and you can’t stop time. Stop wearing that powder foundation, it is not your skin tone and it doesn’t look good… trust me on that one. This is one step closer to college which is something I know you have always wanted to experience. 


Dear high school Savannah, 

High school will be a place with many highs and many lows. Unexpected things will come, but just be happy you arent class of 2021 or 2020. You will go through friends quicker than in the other years. Don’t let people take advantage of your kindness. I know it will be challenging, but you got this. The drive you have for wanting a letterman’s jacket paid off big time; you see what I mean later. Learn from your mistakes and don’t be so stubborn- it isn’t the best quality to have even though writers in books made it sound like it was good. Have your close friends that you can count on, but also branch out to other people. You may not be the best of friends but it is still nice to know people. Don’t be so timid, go out and do the things you love to do. Stick to what you believe in and don’t let others push you around. Some people will test you, and even though it is so easy to give in to lies and gossip, realize that it is only that. Base your friendships on how you know them rather than how others view them. Lastly, enjoy your high school experience because you won’t get that again.


I learned many things throughout my years at school dealing with bullies, toxic friends, lack of motivation, etc., but without those experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Make mistakes, and learn from your experiences.


Savannah Sannes Editor in Chief signing out.