Why Should you be Involved with your School?


Caitlyn Wilson, Staff Writer

Why should you attend school events? There are many different answers with many various reasons, but the central one parents, teachers, and students seem to agree upon is that it builds memories that will stay with you throughout your entire lifetime.

After Shark Fest, I went around and asked a few people why students should attend school events. It was the same answer whether it was a teacher, student, or parent answering the question: it builds lasting memories that you will never forget. A few people did say that in the end, some of the events were boring, but they still end up going because they get to have time outside of school to hang out with friends.

Again, after Club Rush, I went around and asked some students who were involved with their club why people should join a club and I got a few answers. One was, “it helps build lasting friendships and bonds that stay with you after high school.” They further elaborated, “..when you join a club, it’s like joining a little family that you meet with. Eventually, you all become really close and at the end of the year you feel so thankful that you did end up joining (the club).”
Juliette Damian (10) said that “It depends on the club but when you join a club you get more involved in the school and your community. Each club offers a unique opportunity which can impact your view on life.”

Emily Douma (11) mentions that “You get involved and informed about your school community and what’s happening in the community specific to your club. It helps you feel like you got more out of high school than just classes and studying.”
Matthew Price (11) observes that “people should join clubs because it helps people make connections in high school. People can make new friends and find a place where they belong and have fun. Someone might even learn a new hobby they have!!”
Hannah Heinz (10) notes that by joining a club you can “improve your social skills and ideas for applying to college to show what your real interests are.”
Katy (11) remarks that by joining clubs you can “learn new ideas and skills that pertain to that specific club group. There are a lot of cultural clubs that can teach you new ideas and cultures and meet new people with similar interests.” She theorized that “we don’t really talk all that much to our classmates a lot but by joining clubs you meet new people and can make new and lasting experiences with those people.”
Ria (11) voices her opinion by saying, “I think people should join clubs because it helps with the high school experience and really getting out there and being more involved with the school. I think it also helps you find your interests.”

In the end, I strongly believe that joining a club is beneficial to everyone because there are a lot of unique experiences provided through clubs. Out of everyone I interviewed, not one person said that there weren’t any benefits to joining a club. If you have the time and you want to enrich your high school experience, joining a club seems like the easiest and funniest way to accomplish that.