What If Week


Mia Mercado, Staff Writer

February 6th is the beginning of What If Week by Unity. The Theme showcases a different side of love with a twist. It’s more about denying all the hatred and thoughts of love. It is “What if Love was Louder than Hate?” This week students are being shown that love isn’t just something that happens between significant others but can happen in so many different forms. Unity picked such a great topic brought by Mrs. Thompson. They all agreed on it and thought it would help with bringing more love than hate – especially since there is so much hatred on campus so promoting was very important.

What is Unity?

Unity’s goal is to unite all students on  Santiago High School’s campus. They want people to realize that all of our differences are actually our strengths. Not only that but they want to break down barriers by dividing what makes us different and showing our similarities instead.

Monday 2/6

Monday is based all about the communities, friends, family, and more plus representing it. So you match with your friends, showing the togetherness with the ones you love the most.

Tuesday 2/7

Tuesday is all about focusing on our self-love. So people dress either up or down depending on preference. 

Wednesday 2/8

Wednesday is about our planet Earth. So students dress up in very earthy tones such as brown, green, beige, tan, and more.

Thursday 2/9

Thursday Santiago students bring stuffed animals to represent relationships. Stuffed animals represent a relationship with such a powerful significance.

Friday 2/10

Friday is finally here at last and it is college and career day as a reference to the future. We wear shirts with a future college we want to attend or a career to achieve in the future.

Unity wants to connect every day this week to “What if Love was Louder than Hate?” the best they can and will do a spectacular job with it. 

Posters and flyers have been up all around the school to promote their event. Videos as well with all information have been posted on Unity’s Instagram @shsunity