Rescue from the Heat

Mariia Nazarenko, Staff writer

California is a State where Summer appears to be evident all year long, as it’s noted by Californians and labeled as the “Sunshine State” by individuals living elsewhere. Corona is a city in Riverside County, California. An area surrounded by mountain ranges and known especially by its locals as having an extremely dry climate. Students not just living in Corona California that begin their school year during the Summer are getting fired like chickens because of this climate. While students do stay in air-conditioned classes, during lunch, passing periods, and walking from home and back, they are tasked with the challenge of surviving in what feels to some like traveling the Saharan Desert. 

In some European countries, the government decides to construct water mist stations all around their cities prior to the Summer time so citizens would be blessed with a place to cool down. The mist stations work the whole day when the climate is at its highest peak until the evening when it finally begins to drop in degrees, they begin to turn them off till morning.

In my opinion, it would be a wonderful idea to install mist stations on school campuses such as our own here at Santiago High School. Considering how scorching it is outside, mist stations will certainly help students refresh. Additionally, it also will help students who have allergies as it can control allergens such as dust and pollen, decreasing allergy symptoms. However, the cost of the mist station is extremely expensive. It is not something that everyone has the luxury to purchase. Just installing a couple of mist stations will take around 2,000 to 3,400 dollars to construct. Not every school can afford this, but there are always solutions to how schools can raise money.

I personally asked several teachers and students here on our campus at Santiago High School about the mist stations idea. All of the interviewees agreed with the idea and suggested possible ways we could accumulate the money for it. Some teachers and students suggested collecting money through donations from parents, locals, etc… On the school’s official website, the administration could post about the donation or through the school’s official Instagram and Twitter.

In closing, I want to say that having mist stations in the school will be very useful for students and will help them to survive in this heat. Although this opportunity will not be cheap, we need to try to help students and improve their stay in school and make it as present and easy for them as possible.