What’s the scariest maze in the IE

I went throw scary mazes so you don’t have to!


Diego Tolossa, Staff Writer

 With Halloween being around the corner, here are some of the best loco mazes.https://www.kolafm.com/win-knotts-scary-farm-tickets-2/

At Knotts scary farm there are nine mazes to go through such as Bloodline 1842, Dark Entities, Dark ride: Castle of Chaos, and Mesmer: Sideshow off the mind. Origins: The cures of calico, Pumpkin Eater, The depths, The grimoire, and Waxworks. The Bloodline 1842 maze was a 5/10. The Maze itself was astounding, but the jump scares and lasers were expected and not scary whatsoever. The idea of shooting the monsters to stun them sounds like a good way to get away from them but in reality, they are getting shot by all the other people in the maze. I would also add more character expressions from the monsters.

Dark Entities is a solid 7/10, in the beginning, it takes a while to get to the first scare off the maze but after that, there are monsters to your left and right. I liked that this theme was in outer space and there were aliens on the ship with you. The only thing I would change is to add some more monsters at the begging of the maze. Dark ride: Castle of Chaos was a 9/10, this maze is awesome for a good scare. You walk into the maze with monsters outside of the maze scaring you as you wait in line, there are monsters all around the maze and the Mazes decorations are spot-on to the theme and the characters.

The only thing I would change is to make the maze entrance more visible. Mesmer: sideshow of the mind is an 8/10, the maze starts with some eerie carnival music to give you the creeps, and the props for this maze are also on point with the monsters. The only thing I would change is to involve the sideshow act in the maze.

Origins: The curse of calico is a 9/10, the maze itself is probably the best thing. The decorations are on point and the monsters match the environment around them.

Pumpkin Eater is an 8/10, the maze is dark and eerie. It gives the monsters good places to hide and scare you. The monster matches the energy needed for that maze.


The only thing I would add to make this maze better is to add more props around the maze. The depth is a 9/10, the underwater theme is perfect and the monster and props are on point. The Grimoire is a 6/10, and the maze and the props are really good. The theme is cool with an intro to the maze. The only thing I would change is the character design. Wax-works is a 9/10, the vibe you get is super creepy and the theme is amazing. It is dark and the monster has good places to hide and scare you. The only thing I would change is adding more monsters. At Dos Lagos, they have a haunted maze called Nightmare at Dos Lagos. I would give this maze an 8/10, it was a fun and creepy maze. The staff there is super friendly and funny. The zombies are chasing you and you have to run away from them and avoid getting your flag taken by them to stay alive. The maze is plain, just really dark with wooden walls that you run through. There is nothing special about it, I would add some props to the maze to give it some life.

Overall it was cool that it was a more interactive haunted house than the others.  Out of all of the haunted houses, my favorite was Wax-works at Knotts Scary Farm.  I personally Liked this one the most because it was long, scary, had good props, and the monsters had a lot of energy.