Freshmens Hot Chocolate and Study event

LilyRose Cartwright, staff writer

Recently on December 7th, 2022 Santiago high school held a “Cocoa and Cram” day. This event was only open for freshmen to attend. “Cocoa and Cram” began at 8:15 and ended at 9:30 and it was held at the shark tank at the school. The people who attended this event got a chance to enjoy Hot chocolate and study for upcoming finals. The freshmen who took part in this opportunity also had access to tutors in case they needed some extra help.

Here is how Loveina and Ryan from Link crew described this event,

“Cocoa and Cram is an event hosted by the link crew, and we serve hot cocoa and a majority of breakfast treats. But even then our ultimate goal is to help freshmen so they are ready and prepared for finals when they come around.”

Now that we know the goals and purpose of the event, here is what some freshmen students had to say when asked, “Was this time helpful, and what did you get to accomplish during this time?”

“I got to study for my biology class, and  this was helpful because I got to get input from other people on the subject.”      -Kaylani Mason

“I think this time was very helpful, and I had the opportunity to study for my bio final that is coming up.”                          -Riley Panunzio

“I got to study for bio finals, and I got to do my language arts final project. I also think this time was helpful because it gave me a lot of time to study.”                                                                                                                                                                 -Urvi Vora

“I got to study for biology, and I think this is helpful because I don’t usually get a chance to work on my biology work.”        -Camila Nino

“I think this time was very helpful, and it gave me a chance to study for my math final.”                                                           -Amy Tsutsumi

“This gave me time to study for bio and complete some work as well so I would say that it was helpful.”                               -Nex Duncan

“This was so helpful, I actually had a good morning because I was able to get all of my studying done.”                                -Sofia Caravella

“I got to work on my cheatsheet for bio, and I made sure I understood the topics deeper which is very helpful.”                -Greyson Stoyanowski

“I had a chance to study for Spanish, and it was helpful to have time set aside for studying.”                                                   -unanimous freshman

“I studied for math and it was helpful so I could be better prepared for my final.”                                                                       -unanimous freshman

To sum up, freshmen had to say, all of them agreed that the time given was beneficial to get studying and/or assignments done. Some freshmen students may also agree that the time was useful because it gave them a set time to finish work that they may not even have done otherwise.

After hearing about the “Cocoa and Cram” event and how useful this was for so many students, would you want to take this opportunity and go to an event like this in the future?