Book Review: Peter Pan by J M Barrie


Meghan Minahan, Student Contributer

I believe it’s safe to assume that most have heard of or seen for themselves the uplifting tale of Peter Pan, his many delightful adventures with the Darling children, and maybe the memorable little fairy that acts as his companion. This, however, is not how J M Barrie intended his tale to be remembered. Peter Pan is filled with daring, adventure, and fantastic characters, sure, but not as they are portrayed in Disney’s rendition. Our favorite fairy, Tinkerbell, actually has a less likable look, to say the least. She and Peter tend to get themselves, and the Darling children, into quite precarious situations without much regard for their safety as long as some semblance of enjoyment can be had. If you are looking for a thrilling story to read, a story that will alter your remembrance of a childhood favorite, this is the book for you!